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Knights Circle  | Meet The Managers: Part Two

With the new school year approaching quickly we figured it couldn’t hurt to give you a little intro to all of the managers here at Knights Circle and what they can assist you with! Over the next few blog posts, we will cover which managers work in which Phase and what they are best suited to help you with.

Accounting:  Phase 2

Our Accounting office can be reached at 407-563-0960 for general questions about rent, charges, financial aid and Florida Prepaid.  They are open 8-5 Monday thru Friday, 10-5 Saturday and 12-5 Sunday.

Important Accounting Facts:

There are several ways that you can pay your rent:

  • – Your installment is due on the 1st of the month & late on the 4th of the month.
  • - Beginning on the 4th, late fees start at $35 and accrue at an additional $5 a day.
  • - Acceptable forms of payment: Check, money order/cashier’s check, and debit/credit card via Online Portal.
  • - For a receipt, payments must be made during regular office hours. Payments after hours can be submitted through the rent drop box.



Financial Aid

  • - Your Financial Aid Deferment Form is due on or before the 3rd of the month to avoid late fees.
  • - Knights Circle will only defer a max of 2 consecutive installments.
  • - You CANNOT defer your first month of residence.

Online Payments:

  • - Visit and click Residents.
  • - If it is your first time paying online, consult with the Accounting Office staff for your login information.
  • - Payment with a card will result in a convenience fee based on the card and amount.
  • - E-Checks (electronic checks) are free. You’ll just need your checking account and routing number.

Florida Prepaid:

  • - Your valid dorm plan Florida Prepaid card must be on file in the Accounting Office no later than September 1st for fall semester and February 1st for the spring semester.
  • - Your first month of residence must be paid out of pocket along with any balance FLPP does not cover.
  • - FLPP does not cover summer unless you request that it be billed as full semester.

When is my rent due?

You have three installment payment options to pay the entire amount due under the lease – one installment, two installments, or twelve installments.  If you choose to pay a single installment for the entire amount, that single installment is due August 1.  If you choose to pay in two semester installments, those installments are due August 1 and January 1.  If you choose to pay in twelve installments, the first installment is due on August 1 and the remaining eleven installments are due on the 1st of the next eleven months.  Please note that these are all installment payment options and not monthly rent.



Bookkeeper: Tori-

Tori started as a CA at Knights Circle back in 2009. Nine years later, she’s in charge of the accounting procedures such as rent collection and financial aid deferments. She loves catching a good movie or show, perusing the real estate market on Zillow, traveling the world with her husband or playing with her dog.

Assistant General Manager: Selvyn-

Selvyn has worked with Knights Circle for nearly 100 years. His soul was immortalized when Construction laid down the foundation for the buildings. Selvyn is responsible for making sure vendors are paid, ordering supplies for the property and overseeing basic day to day accounting procedures. If you say his name three times he will appear and find your missing belongings. If you look directly into his dimples you will turn to stone.