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Knights Circle  | Location, Location, Location!

One of the biggest benefits of living at Knights Circle is how close it is, not only to Campus, but to delicious spots to eat.  Not only are there established restaurants that are ubiquitous with UCF like Huey Magoo’s and Tijuana Flats.  But you can find almost any cuisine you want in a relatively small area.  Below are our 3 favorite local spots within walking distance of Knights Circle:


Huey Magoo’s

Location:  Across McCullough by Walmart; .01 Miles from Knights Circle

Food:  Chicken Tenders

Huey Magoo’s is a local Orlando establishment that has had it’s main store by UCF for a long time.  In 2014 the location burned down in a fire, but it reopened in 2015 to much fanfare, which really pushed home the UCF area’s love for Huey’s, and just how much they had been missed the year they were gone.  Huey Magoo’s cannot be mentioned without specifically mentioning their Magoo Sauce, which, in my humble opinion, outshines any chicken tender franchise that exists today.  If you are looking for a quick lunch, and you AREN’T looking to eat healthy, Magoo’s is the choice!  (They do technically serve salads, but you just can’t get the full experience that way).


Lazy Moon

Location:  Down University before Rouse; .3 Miles from Knights Circle (all back roads)

Food:  Pizza

Lazy Moon is one of the first places mentioned when you ask someone for a good food recommendation in the area.  After all, Pizza is as close to a universally loved food as something can get, and Lazy Moon gives you even more to love than other places!  What do I mean by “more to love” is that the pizza sizes START at 20-inch pies, and go up to 30 INCH PIES.  No matter how hungry you are Lazy Moon is sure to fill you up!  (My go to pizza there is Pepperoni & Anchovies, I tell everyone if you like fish, and haven’t given Anchovies a try, you haven’t lived!).  They also have unbelievable deals for 21+ patrons that I can’t mention here, just trust me;).  As always, while you’re there, you live by their slogan “Eat, Drink and Be Lazy!”


Valkyrie Doughnuts

Location: Across McCullough; .01 Miles from Knights Circle

Food:  Vegan Doughnuts

If you’re like me, you probably often turn your nose up at “vegan” offerings.  It’s mostly my perception of Vegan food being bland and boring, but Valkyrie Doughnuts takes all my preconceived notions and flips them on their head.  This feels like it’s becoming a theme, but these doughnuts are HUGE, most people I know split them into two meals, just due to the size.  With a constantly changing lineup, but also regular staples, they will cater to anyone looking to be adventurous, or someone who wants to get their 200th Glorius Glazed doughnut!