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Knights Circle  | Knights Circle Is Going Green in 2017!!
As some of you already know, Knights Circle is making an effort to be more Green, as well as giving our residents the tools they need to be more environmentally conscious!  Below you will find some features at Knights Circle as well as some tips to be more Green in 2017!!
  • VALET RECYCLING:  Knights Circle is leading the charge in Eco-Friendly amenities with our Valet Recycling program!  You simply need to go the Phase 2 office and pick up one of our blue recycling bags, fill it with your recyclables and put it out with your regular waste on Wednesdays and it will be picked up for you.
  • GETTING TO SCHOOL:  Knights Circle has a DIRECT UCF shuttle, with stops all over the property that drops student off right at the Student Union of UCF, not only saving you some gas and parking costs, but taking away the headache of finding parking in the first place.  Don’t forget, we are right across from the school, so you can easily walk or bike as well!
    • Only run full loads in the Dishwasher and Washing Machine.  A full load will use the same power as a partial load, but get much more done!
    • Put up curtains if the sun is making your apartment hot, and make sure you turn on your fan!
    • Wash your laundry with cold water whenever possible!
    • Buy local as much as possible.  The less distance it has to travel the less resources need to be used.
    • Buy a couple reusable grocery bags, the average person uses about 1,500 plastic bags a year that end up in the landfill!
    • When you get coffee, bring your own insulated cup!
These are just a few tips, but don’t think that you aren’t making a difference.  Every little bit counts!  Thanks for helping us Go Green!